Cantilever racks

  • SHCRL-1
  • for storage and sorting of lightweight long-length goods;
  • good retail solution.
Price: from 6,300 UAH
Price: from 6,300 UAH
  • SHCRL-2
  • for storage and sorting of long-length goods;
  • good retail solution.
Price: from 9,800 UAH
Price: from 9,800 UAH
  • for storage and sorting of long-length goods;
  • a good solution for warehouses, DIY and C&C hypermarkets.
Price: from 11,800 UAH
Price: from 11,800 UAH
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Cantilever racks are designed for warehousing and storing long-length goods. Rack systems are designed as disassemblable and non-disassemblable; depending on the goods handling method, they can be one-sided and two-sided. They are made of high-strength rolled steel, therefore, they are very robust, while convenient in use — they provide direct access to the goods.
Due to its characteristics and configurations, it is a great solution for retail trading, warehouses, DIY and C&C hypermarkets:

  • effective use with special equipment;

  • large capacity;

  • for indoor & outdoor storage.

  • Rolled metal products

  • Wood beams

  • Steel beams

  • Pipes

  • Rolls

  • Furniture blanks

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Description of the cantilever rack structure

Cantilever rack is a prefabricated metal structure, at the base of which the carrying vertical posts and horizontal supports are rigidly fastened to each other. A pair of horizontal cantilevers, located at the same height on two adjacent vertical posts, is already a minimum sufficient space for goods storage.

Cantilever racks are designed for storage of long-length goods located on them, leaning on the cantilevers, therefore, pallets and shelves are not required.
Cantilever racks do not have vertical stops allowing them to be adjusted to the height of any warehouse. This allows using warehouse space most efficiently.

Disassemblable and non-disassemblable racks. When installing, the non-disassemblable structure is equipped with fixed horizontal cantilevers, the position of which cannot be changed during further operation. To build disassemblable metal cantilever racks, vertical posts are used, with additional perforated holes; this allows adjusting the supposed height of the cargo place.

One-sided and double-sided. Depending on the cargo handling method, cantilever racks may be one-sided or double-sided.
Small, medium, and heavy loads. Cantilever racks are divided into racks for small, medium and heavy loads. They are available in the following series: lightweight cantilever racks — SHCRL-1, medium cantilever racks — SHCRL-2, and heavy cantilever racks — SHCRT. They differ in height and carrying capacity.

Storehouse Ukraine is a manufacturer of rack equipment. If you are looking for custom-made racks or tailored solutions for warehousing — we are here to manufacture the necessary cantilever racks.

Our offer includes fish-bone racks for rolled metal products.

Technical specifications:
Height of post (max.):
up to 7,000 mm
Length of rack row (max.):
not limited
Distance between posts:
up to 2,000 mm
Length of the cantilever:
up to 2,000 mm
Load per cantilever (max.):
up to 600 kg
Tier rearranging pitch
100 mm
One-sided or
two-sided execution
Type of coating:
powder paint
RAL 2004

Scope of delivery:

• Anchor bolt M10 / 12×80 mm – 4 pcs.

• Plate – 4 pcs.

Coating: powder paint, color – blue RAL 5005, gloss.


Scope of delivery:

• Console – 1 pc.
• Bolt – 2 pcs.
• Nut – 2 pcs.
• Washer – 2 pcs.

The limiter is not included in the PIPE / L and DT / L console kit.

Coating: powder paint, color – orange RAL 2003, gloss.

The most common and standardized sizes of consoles are presented. Production of the sizes under the order is possible. The price and terms of delivery are discussed separately.

  • Custom sizing options are available.
  • Price and delivery time are discussed individually.
The scheme of loadings on the console

The calculation scheme selected for the calculation of the maximum allowable loads complies with the European standards NBE-EA-95, FEM 10.2.2.

In accordance with the above standards, the following calculation parameters are accepted:

• Coefficient of strength – 1.2

• Maximum rack deviation – H / 200

• Maximum console deflection – L / 100

The scheme of loadings on the console

• Coefficient of strength – 1.2

• Maximum rack deviation – H / 200

• Maximum console deflection – L / 100

• Maximum console deflection – L / 100

Advantages сantilever racks

No length limitations for goods
Large capacity
Rack assembling
Warranty period — 24 months
Certificated manufacturing

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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