Mezzanine racks

Mezzanine racks
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Mezzanine racks (storeyedracks, multi-tier racks) are based on the pallet or shelf rack frames. This is a cost-effective and efficient solution for warehouse space optimization, which accounts for its high liquidity in implementation and operation. The mezzanine rack is built on standard prefabricated elements, while the ladders and lifting equipment we manufacture on request.

Mezzanine racks are an effective solution for compact storage of various goods with manual and combined handling in all branches of industry:

  • For pallet and shelf storage of small-sized and medium-sized goods;
  • This system has a special work platform and steps.
  • Automotive parts

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Piece goods

  • Tools

  • Plastic containers

  • Palletized goods

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Description of the multi-tier rack design

The mezzanine is a racking system consisting of several (2 to 5) tiers of shelf, pallet and combined storage for small and medium goods. It is built on high-rise pallet and shelf racks.

The system is built on vertical frames up to 12 m in height. Structural flooring of mezzanine racks is located at a certain height, usually at 2.5 m minimum. Flooring materials can be different: chip wooden board, medium density fiberboard, orient strand board, grating or solid metal, but the most suitable solution is galvanized grating floors. Ladders can be installed inside and outside of the mezzanine racking system depending on the warehouse layout.

This racking system can utilize a five-storeyed design using a minimum of fasteners and a large variety of accessories. Various safety components are provided around the perimeter to ensure safety of the personnel.
With the exception of light hand carts, the use of loading equipment inside a mezzanine built on pallet and shelf frames is beyond design basis. Lifting equipment may be used only outside, while cargo handling modules can be installed in the mezzanine.

Same as with the fixed racks system, the modularity of the shelving system enables rearrangement of shelves without involving specialists; shelves and accessories can be simply removed and rearranged.

The mezzanine rack is individually designed and customized for a warehouse, with the adjustment for its specific requirements and cargo handling parameters.

Mezzanine racks
Technical specifications:


Rack height:
up to 12,000 mm
Length of section:
up to 6,000 mm
Depth of section:
up to 2,000 mm
Load per storage tier:
up to 4,000 kg
Working corridor width:
600 mm – 4,000 mm
Number of floors
Number of tiers:
from 2 to 12
Maximum load per 1m2:
up to 2,000 kg
Type of coating:
Zinc or powder coating
Warehouse mezzanine

Using pallet structures, can be converted to a multi-tiered pallet and shelf system for placement of goods. Therefore, it enables to combine the goods loading area and the process of generating client orders for different sizes. Such structures are mostly used in warehouses storing spare parts, tools, metalware, medicinal products and similar goods.

Mezzanine rack gates

The maximal storage space utilization for a mezzanine warehouse is achieved by using the entire height of the premises, which requires loading to the upper tiers of the mezzanine. For this purpose, the upper stories are equipped with gates.

Hinged gates

Safe operation of the loading area on mezzanine racks can be provided with the help of hinged gates.

Changeover gates

The loading of the upper levels of the mezzanine can be done with the help of changeover gates. Unlike hinged gates, they provide complete isolation and safety of personnel, as people are not located in the area of an operating loader and the open part of the working area.

Flooring options
Mesh flooring

They are used to arrange flooring and as shelves for storage of goods; they are made of stainless and common steel.
The flooring has a high load-bearing capacity while showing a low own weight, which makes it a material with a wide variety of use.

Perforated panels

They are used to arrange flooring and as shelves for storage of goods; they are made of galvanized steel, 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm thick, depending on the load.

Medium density fiberboard + metal lintels

One of the most cost-efficient and frequently used types of flooring.

Shelf options
  • Overlay shelving panel
  • Insert shelving panel
  • Insert shelving panel (Type T)
  • Chipboard + metal lintels
  • Z — side section + boards
  • Rack shelf
  • Overlay grating shelf
  • Insert grating shelf

Multi-tier racks are equipped with single-flight and double-flight staircases, handrails and fences are a must. As the stairs are heavily loaded, the safety and durability of the material they are made of must meet high quality requirements. Therefore, grating steps are used to prevent slipping.
The width and angle of inclination of the stairs depend on the customer’s desires and safety rules.

Advantages of mezzanine racks

No length limitations for goods
Large capacity
Rack assembling
Warranty period — 24 months
Certificated manufacturing

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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