Guard elements of storage racks

Guard elements of storage racks
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Guard elements of storage racks are necessary, regardless of the structure strength and reliability. The installed collision protectors will preserve the integrity of not only rack posts and frames but also support columns, walls and other storage facilities from impacts by loading machinery. The collision of a loader with the load-bearing elements of the racks is the primary cause of major accidents in the warehouse and rack break-down. When the guard is damaged, its replacement will cost several times less as compared with the repair of racking frames. Our offer includes various types of guard elements for warehouse racks.

Reasons to install guard modules:

  • collision protectors

  • corner guard

  • end guard

  • frontal guard

  • for all racks

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Variations of rack guards

Steel collision protectors
Steel collision protectors are the common reliable method to protect the rack bases. Made of steel in varying sizes and fastened with anchor bolts to the floor. It is desirable to install racks and equip them with guard elements in parallel. We do recommend installing in rooms with a low degree of assumed damage due to the low mechanical resistance of the steel collision protectors.

Frontal protection method

In case of frontal rack post guard, specifically bent metal sheet is used which surrounds the rack base on three sides. This option is suitable for the arrangement of the rack leg guard in rows, as well as in free-standing frames. Frontal modules can be elements of various protection sets.
Post guard for drive-in racks SHPR.00.00.05
Surface-mounted post guard is designed to protect rack frame posts from the impacts of loading machinery. Manufactured of sheet metal. Installed directly onto the post with bolts.
Post guard SHPR.00.00.06
Post guard is designed to protect rack frame posts from the impacts of loading machinery. Manufactured of sheet metal. Installed using anchor bolts.

Corner protection method

Metal shields for the corner guard are made in the form of two surfaces connected at an angle of 90°. Anchoring to the floor provides high reliability and stability of the module during unsuccessful handling manoeuvres. The block will absorb all the force of the impact, so that prevent damage to the post bases.
Post guard SHPR.00.00.07
Corner post guard is designed to protect rack frame posts from the impacts of loading machinery. Manufactured of sheet metal. Installed using anchor bolts.

End protection method

Guard packages can be manufactured both as single and double to prevent damage from warehouse special-purpose machinery. Row protection is provided by a structure in the form of two corner blocks connected by one or two beams. Options for longer protection systems are possible. End guard is recognized as the most reliable as it combines the corner and frontal ones.
Post guard SHPR.00.00.08
End post guard consists of two corner guards connected by two channels. It ensures a greater degree of protection due to the greater structure stiffness.

Post guard SHDI.

Post guard is designed to protect frame posts of the drive-in rack from the impacts of loading machinery. Manufactured of sheet metal. It is installed using anchor bolts. A useful feature of drive-in racking systems is the presence of rails for the stacker. Drive-in and drive-through racks are handled by machines, which drive into the system and load/unload the rack with pallets. Stacker rails help the operator avoid collisions with the load-bearing elements of the rack and make work faster and easier.

Ways to enhance rack protection

To ensure a greater protection of racks from damage, the following are used:

Plastic elements, which completely repeat the shape of the post bases and are fastened on the frames. With their shock-absorbing properties, plastic modules are good in prevention of minor loads at warehouses with small-sized machinery;
Special protectors are installed along walls and around columns. Boards are mounted not only along the perimeter of rooms with racking rows but also in parking areas of all types of warehouse machinery to prevent damage to vertical surfaces;


Advantages of of rack guard elements

A variety of sizes
High safety
Delivery and installation of products
Warranty period — 24 months
Certified production

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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