DIY and C&C pallet and shelf racks

DIY and C&C pallet and shelf racks
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DIY and C&C racks combined with special accessories are essential multi-use equipment for convenient storage of large amounts of goods in hypermarkets. The use of DIY and C&C racks enables to increase the area of product arranging, provides easy access to and efficient display for each item. Racks also ensure quick access to goods, which is important for self-service shopping. The design of DIY and C&C racks is based on the main components of warehouse racking systems utilized for storage of palletedproducts.

Due to proper operating parameters and configurations, they offer a great solution for retail trading, warehouses, DIY and C&C hypermarkets:

  • To optimize internal logistics in stores without a warehouse;
  • Display and storage of products on the trade floor;
  • Optimal solution for retailers.
  • Palletized goods

  • Single item storage

  • Mixed goods

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Description of the DiY and C&C rack design

The basis of the DIY and C&C rack design is the use of main components of warehouse racks for storing goods on pallets, which, in combination with specialized accessories, make this type of rack a multipurpose piece of equipment.

They are made of high-quality rolled metal with zinc and polymer coating. It is a high-quality product integrating the experience of world leaders in the rack manufacture and design. The product is certified in the UkrSEPRO system.

Technical specifications:
Rack height (max.):
12,000 mm
Length of section (max.):
3,600 mm
Depth of section:
1,100 mm
Load per storage tier (max.):
5,500 kg
Load per section (max.):
16,000 kg
Type of coating:
Powder paint
DIY and C&C pallet and shelf racks
SHDY-01 separator

Accessory for DIY and C&C racks. Arc separators are used to sort out the standard sizes or types of goods within one rack section. They are mounted on the rack beams.

The separator has an adaptive attachment unit, which enables to adjust the section width as per the specifics and dimensions of the goods.

SHDY-02 separator

Accessory for DIY and C&C racks — double-action separators. They can be used for sorting out the product types and sizes, and for placement and high-quality presentation of goods. Depending on the product type and size, they can be manufactured in various standard sizes.

SHDY-03 separator

Accessory for DIY and C&C racks — double-pin separators. They are used to separate such items as spades, hammers, etc.

Z-side section for the DIY rack. SHPR-109

Accessory for DIY and C&C racks — z-side section. It is used to equip the rack with board shelves. It is mounted on rack beams without additional fasteners. It restricts movement of boards in the horizontal plane.

Standard length option, L = 892 mm. This size is universal and suits the two most common standard sizes of rack sections — 1,800 mm and 2,700 mm; other length options are also available.

Advantages of DIY and C&C rack

No length limitations for goods
Large capacity
Rack assembling
Warranty period — 24 months
Certificated manufacturing

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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