Racks for rolled metal products

  • for storage of rolled metal of up to 6 m;
  • a quality solution for sorting at the manufacturing areas.
Price: from 49,660 UAH
Price: from 49,660 UAH
  • SHCRMA-1
  • for storage of rolled metal of up to 6 m;
  • a quality solution for sorting at the manufacturing areas.
Price: from 51,000 UAH
Price: from 51,000 UAH
  • SHCRMA-2
  • for storage of rolled metal of up to 6 m;
  • a high-quality solution for sorting within the laser and plasma cutting area.
Price: from 59,300 UAH
Price: from 59,300 UAH
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Racks for rolled metal products are a high-quality solution for storing heavy long-length metal products: rolled products, pipes, beams, fittings. Indispensable for sorting and storing rolled metal products at the manufacturing area. Ensure high storage density of products.
An ideal solution for storing rolled metal products in warehouses owing to their characteristics and configurations:

  • loading/unloading manually and with special purpose machinery;

  • design option: one-sided and two-sided;

  • can be manufactured in custom sizes.

  • Rolled metal products

  • Sheet metal products

  • Steel beams

  • Metal products

  • Pipes

  • Cross sections

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Structure description

Racks for rolled metal products are prefabricated demountable metal structures consisting of racks, base supports and cantilevers. The structure of racks for rolled metal products is based on the same principle as other cantilever racks.

The fishbone cantilever racks differ in that the cantilevers are positioned at an angle, and not parallel to the floor surface. Owing to this, the entire racking system is very stable, most of the load is located exactly in the centre and the racks for rolled metal products do not require additional fastening to the floor.

Structures can be installed both inside and outside the premises. It should be noted that the heavy weight of the racks will not allow them to move freely.

One-sided and double-sided. Depending on the cargo handling method, racks for rolled metal products may be one-sided or double-sided.

Various standard sizes. SHCRM-1 racks for rolled metal products, sizes. The racks can withstand huge loads, yet they are different. You can select the appropriate series for your site, warehouse or hall: SHCRMA racks for rolled metal products ,SHCRM-1 racks for rolled metal products and SHCRM-2 racks for rolled metal products.

Storehouse Ukraine is a manufacturer of rack equipment. If you are looking for custom-made racks or tailored solutions for warehousing — we are here to manufacture the necessary cantilever racks.

Technical specifications:
Post height (max.):
up to 3,000 mm
Rack row length (max.):
not limited
Distance between posts:
up to 2,700 mm
Tier rearranging pitch
75 mm
One-sided or
two-sided execution
Type of coating:
powder paint or galvanizing
RAL 2004

Advantages of racks for rolled metal products

No length limitations for goods
Large capacity
Rack assembling
Warranty period — 24 months
Certificated manufacturing

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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