Racks from the manufacturer

  • For palletized goods, boxes, containers, barrels, non-standard and oversized cargo;
  • For industries with a wide range of products and big turnover;
  • Warehouse optimization by 40 %.
  • For storage of long structures: rolled metal products, wooden and steel beams, pipes, rolls;
  • Effective use with special equipment;
  • Manufactured in various shapes, dismountable or solid.
  • For storage of uniform, homogeneous products;
  • Loading and unloading types: one-way (drive-in) and two-way (drive-through);
  • The system provides access ways for vehicles between the rows.
  • For pallet and shelf storage of small-sized and medium-sized goods;
  • They are used in all industry sectors, with manual and combined processing.
  • The system includes a special work platform and steps.
DIY and
C&C racks
  • For storage and presentation of goods in DIY and C&C hypermarkets;
  • Are used for internal logistics optimization at hypermarkets;
  • The structure basis consists of elements of warehouse racks for storing goods on pallets.
Coil racks
  • For storage and convenient selection of products in rolls: paper, fabrics, carpets, linoleum, etc.;
  • Quality solution for retail trade of products in rolls;
  • Pallet racks are the basis of the coil rack structure.
Racks for rolled
metal products
  • For storage of rolled metal up to 6 m;
  • For sorting rolled products at a manufacturing site; solution for retail trade in metal products;
  • It can be one-sided or two-sided, loading and unloading manually or with special equipment.
  • For protection of rack posts;
  • Frontal, end-type, corner protection; column protectors;
  • Extra safety for racks from minor and serious damage is provided by the installation of protection.
Overlapping system (platform)
  • Helps to use space wisely.
  • Serves as an additional place for storage and handling of goods.
  • Platforms of any complexity, size and configuration.

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Extensive experience in storage rack manufacturing, in-house manufacturing facilities allow Storehouse Ukraine to provide customers with complete upgrading and optimization of warehouse facilities and processes in the quickest and the most qualitative way at the best price. We manufacture racks of standard versions, as well as implement individual plans for equipping warehouses. We manufacture custom-made warehouse racking equipment but the warehouse always has standby ready-made solutions. Manufacturing time — 2-4 weeks, delivery throughout Ukraine. Rack prices depend on the type and size of rack system.

There are many types of rack structures, which differ in carrying capacity, appearance and principle of operation. It is very important to choose the right rack: the customer does not always know what type of rack suit them and will help him to arrange the work of the warehouse in the most profitable way. Such a mistake can negatively affect all workflows. Take no unnecessary risks, contact professionals for getting advice.