Pallet (frontal) racks

Pallet (frontal) racks
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Pallet (frontal) racks are ideally suited for storing palletized goods. Multi-use and practical: the racks have a flexible design allowing to vary the size; the geometry is adjusted to the characteristics of any warehouse; storage of goods of the widest range within a single rack structure.

Due to their characteristics and configurations, it is a great solution for both a small warehouse and a large logistics centre.

  • The bestsellers among all types of warehousing equipment;
  • for industries with a wide range of products and high turnover;
  • warehouse optimization by 40 %.

  • Palletized goods

  • containers

  • crates

  • barrels

  • rolls

  • bulky cargoes

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Description of the pallet rack structure

Pallet frontal racks are metal-based prefabricated disassemblable structures. It consists of vertical posts connected by traverses and cross-beams that form rack sections. Pallets serve as a base for the arrangement and storage of goods. The structure can differ in height and number of rows.

We may harmoniously assemble the system into the complete unit within the single pallet racks: all equipment is located together with goods that differ in size, properties, weight, and other similar characteristics. Furthermore, not only standard structures in the form of European pallets can be used as a base but also mesh or plywood decking, etc.

Technical specifications:
Height of rack (max.):
12,000 mm
Length of section (max.):
3,600 mm
Depth of section (max.):
1,100 mm
Load per storage tier (max.):
5,500 kg
Load per section (max.):
16,000 kg
Type of coating:
powder paint
orange (RAL 2004)
Pallet (frontal) racks
Beam (traverse)

The horizontal beam of the rectangular cross section fastened to the posts with special hooked locks. A pair of traverses form a storage tier, its carrying capacity depends on the beam characteristics (length, cross section size, and metal thickness).

Completeness of delivery:

• Beams with a carrying capacity of up to 3,000 kg are supplied with two clamps.

• Beams with a carrying capacity of more than 3,000 kg are supplied with 4 bolts М10х20 mm, 4 nuts М10, 4 plain washers М10.

  • Custom sizing options are available.
  • Price and delivery time are discussed individually.
Custom sizing options:
  • Beam & mdash; 80×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 80×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 90×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 90×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 100×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 100×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 110×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 110×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 120×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 120×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 130×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 130×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 140×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 140×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 150×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 150×50 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 160×40 mm
  • Beam & mdash; 160×50 mm

It is the key, vertical element of the rack structure bearing the entire load distributed on the rack. Consists of posts, horizontal and diagonal braces, fastened with bolts. The guards are used to prevent the deformation of carriage frames and the collapse of the entire rack system.
Completeness of delivery:

• Frames up to 3.5 m inclusively are supplied with 2 anchor bolts.

• Frames above 3.5 m are supplied with 4 anchor bolts.

• The supply package also includes posts, diagonal and horizontal braces, distance bushes, feet, adjusting plates, fasteners.


Custom-made length with a 75 mm pitch:

  • Post – 75x70x1.5 mm (RAL)
  • Post – 75x70x1.5 mm (ZN)
  • Post – 90x70x1.5 mm (RAL)
  • Post – 90x70x1.5 mm (ZN)
  • Post – 90x75x2.0 mm (RAL)
  • Post – 90x75x2.0 mm (ZN)
  • Post – 110x75x2.0 mm (RAL)
  • Post – 110x75x2.0 mm (ZN)
  • Post – 130x75x2.0 mm (RAL)
  • Post – 130x75x2.0 mm (ZN)

Method of the foot assembling and fixing to the floor with expansion anchors.
The foot serves as the frame base and is fixed with bolts; auxiliary adjusting plates are used for uneven floors.

The method of attaching the braces to the frame

Coating: powder paint, orange RAL 2004, gloss.

Coating: powder paint, orange RAL 2004, gloss.

Coating: powder paint, orange RAL 2004, gloss.

Pallet racks can be equipped with shelves for combined storage of both palletized and other cargo. Shelves can be lattice or solid galvanized panels.

Pallet stop - an option that serves as a limiter for pallets, helps to install pallets exactly on the rack.

Advantages of pallet racks

Many sizes
Storage of goods of a wide range
Installation of racks
Warranty period - 24 months
Certified production

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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