Flooring system (platform)

Flooring system (platform)
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Warehouse platform (flooring system) helps to maximise the space A platform is installed in warehouses where floor is occupied by equipment or working area and the height of the premises allows placing of additional storeys.

The flooring system can be used as an additional place for product storage and handling, for the arrangement of office space inside the warehouse. Installation of a multi-storey platform is also allowed. Platforms help to maximize space.

Warehouse platforms on columns (production platforms) allow to build a platform of any complexity, size and configuration.

With platforms:

  • piece goods

  • cardboard boxes

  • hangers

  • tools

  • plastic containers

  • palletized goods

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Production platform structure description

Columns and horizontal beams are load-bearing elements of a production platform, metal grating panels or MDF sheets are platform floor slabs. With a view of required loads, the floor thickness and the frequency of placement of profiles and beams are selected.
Loading of cargoes onto the platform is carried out by loading machinery or a lifting table/freight elevator; personnel access is provided by stairs equipped with safety handrails.
In premises where the height allows to arrange two or three pedestrian levels, the use of modern flooring systems is most advisable.

Technical specifications:
Structure hight:
up to 14,000 mm
Flooring load
1,000 kg/m2
Number of floors:
Type of coating:
zinc or powder painting
Flooring system (platform)
Flooring system features

The platforms do not require approval from the supervisory authorities as they do not affect the supporting structures during installation. They easily adapt to existing racking structures simply by incorporating into this type of storage place arrangement.

  • the entire capacity of the warehouse, workshop, sales area is used to the fullest extent possible what makes it operating;
  • expansion of the range of stored products is possible;
  • one of the levels can be repurposed if required by arranging an office, back rooms, changing rooms;
  • you can exclude a part of mobile machinery with hoists and service each level separately;
  • free and ready access of personnel to utilities is allowed for their repair.
Storehouse Ukraine platforms are
  • a personalized approach to project development and structure manufacturing suited to the customer’s business;
  • use of materials with a high level of reliability, including C- and sigma cross-sections, as well as MDF boards (38 mm thick) for floorings that ease the machinery mobility, or perforated metal panels;
  • fireproofing of parts prone to fire with special chemicals;
  • availability of all auxiliary equipment, ladders, safety handrails, loading doors.

Advantages of production platform

Multiple sizes
Storage of cargos of the wide assortment
Rack assembling
24-month warranty
Certificated manufacturing

Quality confirmed by certificates

Customer feedback and acknowledgements

Acknowledgements from satisfied customers are the best proof of expertise.

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